Tuesday, October 10, 2000

Before we begin I suppose I should introduce myself. Well, my name is Russell Nicol, or as the majority call me, Russ, but you can label me whatever you like because, as this is the internet, you don't know me; at least not yet.
I am writing this from my current residence, Staffordshire University, but I actually live in a little place called Arundel. I don't think Arundel is really my home either as I only moved there at the beginning of August. No, I definitely would have to say that my "real" home is Felpham, where I resided and grew-up for the first eighteen years of my small, relatively insignificant, life.
For those who are interested Felpham is a little village located East of Britain's Bottom, Bognor Regis. I don't ever know why it's coined the phrase, I actually like like the place, it must be southcoast world.

Right then, I think that will do for the moment, I'll add bits'n'bobs throughout the rest of my life to give you a better understanding of me.
On Sunday, to summarise, I did nothing. For the first time in recent memory I awoke after eleven o'clock, Jesus! I can barely say it, E l e v e n o ' c l o c k, wow... twelve-forty in fact. This was inevitably due to the Freshers ball which I faced the night before, damn my mobile's going off, sorry I've just got a text, wait a minute...
The fresher's ball cost £18, which at the time sounded great, considering there was a funfair, comedy club, casino and groups such as ATB & Artful Dodger playing sets, but it soon dawned on me that people were there for a reason, to find love, or in most cases, to have a quick random pull. This really didn't appeal to me, hence I joined the mosh for the bands and such for about six hours until three in the morning.
Your probably thinking that I'm boring or homosexual (maybe not, because I would be checking out the males!), just boring then, but I don't think I am. I have recently noticed that I feel happiest when working, bizarre isn't it, at the ripe old age of eighteen I'm becoming a work-a-holic, and I love it. So, to be honest, a lady would hinder my progress, that sounds really terrible doesn't it? Unless of course it was Katie Holmes, but that's another story.

Other than sleeping on Sunday I embarked on dinner which consisted of half a cheese pizza and half a Cajun chicken meal I cooked yesterday, all-in-all a very satisfying meal. After dinner I went to the student union film night (Every Sunday 8pm Legends Bar), Sunday's film... The Green Mile. I'm not going to describe the plot or anything, but to strongly recommend that you see it for yourself. I thoroughly loved this film and expect you will to.
I love films with morales, hence the green mile (say no more, don't give the plot away). I belive that films that teach us how to be better people are usually the best.
Nonetheless I'm reading Film Production Technology with the hope to help capture and create more morale and inspiring cinematic moments. I've been having second thoughts recently though, I am experiencing a desire to be a doctor.
I'm going to see this course through though and see where it takes me anyway.
Might speak to you tomorrow, depends on the weather, be for now anyway.